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shagbark hickory bud thicker frame.JPG

Image credit:  Nancy Marek

Name that plant!

Every week we will post a new native plant with wildlife value. The first 10 people to send us an email with the correct plant name (must include common and scientific names) will receive a thank you gift. We don't know what the gift will be yet (sorry). But once we create some cool stuff, you'll get a nice thank you gift! The CT Botanical Society organized the native plants of CT in a handy list (click on green box below). The list is 243 pages long. How exciting! Heaven for a plant person. If you know the common name, use the search tab to find the scientific name. Send  us an email if you think the image shown poses too much of a challenge someone new to plants. We might set up a beginner's page down the road. 

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